My Own Inner Child

 "I'd say that I have an inner child, but I think I am my inner child."



In the Kitchen


I am fairly new to cooking and baking, only recently living on my own for the first time and having to provide meals for myself.  I do enjoy it though, and try to cook healthy, balanced meals as often as possible.  Baking is another interest of mine, even though I don't eat many sweets myself, but I like baking cookies, cupcakes, muffins, and other goodies for my boyfriend and other friends.

One of my favorite types of cuisine to make is Japanese, specifically sushi, onigiri, and bento.  Many of the bentos I put together are more of an American style, with components such as sandwiches rather than onigiri, but I still enjoy the challenge of artistically arranging balanced meals for on the go no matter the style of ingredients.

Stay tuned, pictures soon!