My Own Inner Child

"I'd say that I have an inner child, but I think I am my inner child."



Keilee's Dolls


It's funny - as a child, I was never really that interested in dolls.  I didn't like Barbies or anything really, and the times I did play with them was for the sake of my friends.  I had an American Girl Doll, but I outgrew playing with her, packed her away in a box, and haven't seen her since.  I never really even got into baby dolls.  Honestly, I was more interested in playing with toy dinosaurs than dolls when I was a kid. 

But when I first saw photos of Asian Ball Jointed Dolls, I just fell in love with them.  They're so different from Barbies or other dolls.  The photos I saw of them fascinated me.  They really seemed like a work of art, not just a toy.

After admiring them for years, I bought my first Ball Jointed Doll off eBay in October 2010.  She was second-hand (or more likely third- or fourth-hand), small, yellowed, and didn't pose well.  But I loved her - and still do.  Now my collection has grown to many dolls of all sizes and types.  Most are resin, but I also have some that are vinyl and some plastic. 

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